Courageously Doing God’s Will

Dear Friends,

This past week I was exploring downtown Alton with my grandson Ezekiel and my wife Debra when I saw a sign pointing me to the monument for Elijah Lovejoy. I have always admired this man’s courage and faith so I immediately proceeded to the cemetery where this monument was located. When I got there not only was I amazed at the size and beauty of the monument but the cemetery as a whole.

After returning to St. Louis I proceeded to further research the life of Elijah Lovejoy, who was born in 1802. My research revealed after graduating from college he started a private high school in St. Louis and regularly wrote articles for the St. Louis Times.

It was when a preacher named David Nelson came to St. Louis, that Elijah’s life was changed. He heard Nelson declare that slavery “is a sin against God, who is the rightful owner of all human beings and it is a sin against the slaves who should be free to answer to God.”

As Nelson continued to share how God’s heart was broken over people’s wrongdoing especially slavery, Elijah realized…

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