It Won’t Be Long

The Easter Story and the Story of Christ’s Return as told by the Book of Zechariah

Dear Friend,

When was the last time you read the Book of Zechariah? Have you ever read this dynamic book? It has only fourteen short chapters and is the second to the last book in the Old Testament. Not only does this amazing book of Zechariah tell of specific events about Jesus crucifixion hundreds of years before He died, but it gives insights into His earth shaking, history breaking return.

The book was written by Zechariah approximately 520 to 518 B.C. (Before Christ) with another section written around 480 to 470 B.C. Zechariah was the priest which Matt. 23:35 reports was murdered between the temple and the altar.

In the Book of Zechariah we encounter one fantastic scene after another. For example, in Zechariah 5 we find a flying scroll with a curse for those who swear and steal. There is also a woman in a basket filled with everyone’s sins. The woman is wickedness. She is pushed back in the basket and carried to Babylon by two other women flying thru the air.
Zechariah was written by the Prophet because…

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